Emperor Drumpf’s elation

Wow. So, is anyone surprised that our Fearless Tweeter felt warped pleasure watching the Dems tear into each other, especially beating up on Megabucks Bloomberg, during the Nevada caucus debate? To be honest, I’m not; but I’m also deeply disgusted. You’d think our Orange Julius Caesar could find better ways of killing his “executive time” than reviewing the debate footage, say like trying to fairly govern our country or something?

Oh, silly me. I keep hoping that Emperor Drumpf would actually do what he’s supposedly sworn to do. Nope, wrong. I darkly keep hoping to wake up to my radio alarm clock intoning sorrow over the puke-provoking president*’s abrupt death. Yes, seriously. It’d elate me no end to wake to my local NPR “mourning” Mango Mussolini kicking his gold-plated bucket. And I ‘spect I’m hardly alone in that grim desire.

Smirk at the Democratic infighting now, Donny Doublescoops. We’ll get our turn to laugh at your woes soon enough.

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