I wuzzint briefed on this Rushin Hoax, believe me!

Oh sweet mother of Jesus Humping Christ.

Our #TraitorTrump wants to have it a gazillion ways. He claims the Russian bounty paid to the Taliban on our troops in Afghanistan is a “Russian hoax,” then claims he was NEVER briefed on the supposed hoax (for now over a year!), then insists that he still thinks Russia deserves to be back in the G8 and that Vladimir Putin (recently approved by his rubber stamp Duma to be virtually a “president for life”) is a trustworthy friend.

Bluntly put, the Kompromat Putin must have on #BunkerBitch must be beyond astounding. Our #VeryStableGenius will do any- and everything to appease Russia’s maximum leader. It must be ULTRA juicy. And between Trump and Putin, they must have some really rancid Kompromat on damn near the rest of the GOP, because most of them just roll over and play dead regarding #RampRunt’s many and varied violations of oath and wrongdoing that would have impeached and expelled any other president.

Meanwhile, #BlackLivesMatter protesters of an earthly rainbow of flesh colors were out marching peacefully in St. Louis recently, much to the self-righteous consternation of a pair of ambulance chasers living in a McPlantation house. So, what do they do? Natch, they raid their ammo vault, and brandish a big-ass automatic rifle (the barefoot male MAGAt in the pink polo shirt) and a serious-looking revolver (the barefoot female MAGAt with the mustard stain on her Hamburglar blouse) in their front yard. Because they KNOW those UPPITY librul ANTIFA minorities are all really there just to bust into their McMausoleum and loot stuff! Believe me!

Here’s hoping the St. Louis American Bar Association drags this Ammosexual couple into a review and bounces their legal licenses. They’ll have fun being weapon-wielding notary publics and/or paralegal clerks, won’t they?

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