It’s just another word…

Freedom. Wow. Wondrous concept, huh?

Our esteemed #TraitorTrump, smelling his impending doom, flings himself to Mount Rushmore, where the MAGAt of a governess there eagerly hosts her hero to a Trump brown shirt rally complete with fireworks rangers haven’t allowed since 2009 due to ongoing drought problems, optional masks provided for “free” (as in we paid for them) and absolutely NO physical distancing, where he can spout off his misinformation, distortions, propaganda, and lies to clamoring thousands of his adoring melanin-challenged Bible-thumping death cultists.

Never mind that COVID-19 is blossoming in otherwise low populated South Dakota thanks to the poorly conditions of meat processing plants. Never mind that the state’s governess is even a bigger science denier than our beloved #BunkerBitch. Poor dear Toddler Tyrant needs his binkie! We gotta show him we WUV him!

Not to be outdone, #RampRunt will stage ANOTHER “Independence Day” brown shirt rally on the south lawn of OUR White House tomorrow, with the same “voluntary” coronavirus safety precautions. Oh, well, I s’pose it could be worse… There’s no damn tanks rumbling down Pennsylvania Avenue THIS time.

Here in California we’re enduring a revived shutdown, because the #InvisibleEnemy is REsurging, and we’re on the verge of matching New York in its outbreak days. No fireworks displays. No open beaches. No indoor restaurant service. Forget slamming down a cold brew in any bar. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO WEAR FACE COVERING IN PUBLIC. We’re devoid of choice here; our hospitals are threatening to run out of beds and staff and gear. And this dire situation is happening in oh so many states, not even as enlightened as we are, throughout the country. All the while we hear whiny Covidiots bitch and moan about their personal freedoms being infringed by the “deep nanny state” restrictions.

Wanna know what REALLY restricts freedoms? Being sick or dead. And freedom does NOT include the “right” to sicken and/or kill other people.

“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose…” — Kris Kristofferson. Happy Independence Day. Yeah, right. (cough)

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