We need you. And many people like you. This is a people-powered movement so, without the People United™, we will have a hard time defeating those corporate ‘citizens’ and their super-Pacs.

Are you tired of foreign countries, politricks – designed to keep you from voting, mega-donors, corporate ‘citizens’ influencing our elections and their plutocracy (a country or society governed by the wealthy)? We believe in Democracy over plutocracy. We cannot be bought, sidelined or silenced. We have the numbers to overwhelm the system and change the status quo.

America the beautiful. This is our country and she needs our help. We’re ready, eager, and fired up to take our country back from those greedy corporate ‘citizens’ who only care about maintaining power and increasing their personal wealth. Let’s restore our Democracy by using our People Power to reclaim our rights from the corporate oligarchy.

Now is your chance to take your country back and nullify Citizens United (the Supreme Court ruling which said “corporations are citizens.”) SCOTUS said that corporations have a first amendment right to free speech. They can’t vote but they can spend unlimited amounts of money buying campaign ads (true or fake) to damage candidates they oppose and elevate the ones they like. So according to the Supremes, their corporate money is their free speech.

Well, we have rights to. We have the right to organize, strategize, and televise this revolution. Everybody has a skill set. Every person with a cell phone is an independent reporter. Everybody knows at least one person who is an inactive or non-voter. Social media platforms have given us an amazingly potent arsenal of tools to use to fight those corporate ‘citizens.’ Together, we have the power to make a change.

People United™ can defeat citizens united. There’s already proof. Democracy is not a spectator sport. You can’t wait for a George Washington, or MLK, or Abe Lincoln like character to change our current situation. You are the change agent you’ve been looking for. Look in the mirror and say “Hello, Change-Maker, I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Ready, Set, Volunteer today. And join our mission. You’ll be thankful you did.

Here’s how you can help:

Group Leaders – form groups, network, and sponsor events.
Partners – lend their name, business, service and/or resources to help support our mission.
Fundraisers – plan and sponsor events to harvest our monetary needs.
Recruiters – find people to unite with us to succeed in our goals
Social Media Warriors – amplify our messages. They promote, advocate, televise, and broadcast positive news and views about us.
Staff Members – 5 Positions Available

  1. Chief Operating Officer – plan and manage daily operations. As well as strategic, tactical, and logistics planning.
  2. Chief Financial Officer – maintain and organize financial records. Coordinate with the accountant on fiscal approvals. Manage, disperse, approve funds and pay bills.
  3. Marketing & Public Relations Director – design, coordinate, and supervise our marketing & PR strategies, goals, and design outreach programs.
  4. Social Media Director – manage our social media accounts and supervise our social media warriors.
  5. Volunteer Coordinator – supervise our team of volunteers.

There’s no time to meditate, deliberate or hesitate. This election is too important and it’s coming up fast. With you on the team, we have a Democracy-Back Guarantee that People United™ will win in the end.