This is an erotic fantasy,
in a poetic form.
This is not fact, but fiction
and out of my usual norm.

Don’t get offended, 
just skip it if you need to. 
Cause it’s not intended to offend, 
but it’s here just to please you.

It’s to change the mental mood
in this COVID solitude.
We can’t jeopardize our lives,
but it’s OK to fantasize.

I zone in, groaning, 
I got that girl moaning. 
I hit it with my tricks, 
till six in the morning.

I had her creaming and screaming, 
she didn’t know what she was feeling. 
I had my freaking neighbors banging, 
on my got-damn ceiling!

So I had to flip her over, 
face down ass up.
Put a pillow in her mouth & 
slide my damn mask up. 

Round one is done, 
now it’s time to have fun. 
She’s was done, but can’t run.
And I’ve only just begun. 

I put a blindfold on, 
strapped her down to my horse.
Cause I gotta let her know 
who’s the boss, of course. 

It’s no force, of course.
You see we already agreed, indeed.
That my number one job
-is to satisfy all of HER needs. 

She started yelling daddy, 
and saying yes master. 
That made me slow it down 
but made her cum faster.

I was slipping and sliding, 
in a puddle on the floor,
but she didn’t want to stop, 
she said “give me some more!”

Her wish was my command,
I gave her all that she could stand.
We just met two days ago, 
but she’s my number one fan. 

Her pleasure is my aim,
that’s the name of the game.
She tried to keep her up,
but couldn’t count how much she came. 

Claim it, tame it, 
she even let me name it.
I called it a flower, 
because her scent gave me power. 

Like a horny little bunny,
that stays out of sight.  
We did it until it was sunny
But started before midnight.

All good things, 
must come to an end.
That’s what all the people say, 
but I don’t really believe them.

It’s not many things, 
that we can do right now.
But if we knew somehow,
what we know right now.
What is true right now,
is that what we can do right now,  
is use our brains somehow,
to plow through the blues for now.

Just fantasize. 

Ciao Bella

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