Millennials May Help The Coronavirus Spread Faster

Coronavirus COVID19 is a real threat to everyone in America. Especially to those who have preexisting conditions like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, HIV, and cancer. If you are young and healthy, you may feel that there’s no need to worry. You’re wrong.

COVID19 is a very sneaky new disease that our doctors, scientists, and disease experts have never seen before. There is no cure, no vaccine, and no treatment. If you catch it, your body may be able to fight it off and you win or, you could die in a couple of days.

The Coronavirus has a twin. There are two versions. I call them mild and spicy. If you catch the mild one, the symptoms are no more than a common cold or flu. But remember last year 69,000 people died from the flu and the flu is especially dangerous to the elderly or people with a weakened or impaired immune system.

If you catch the spicy one, you could be dead in two days. This includes the young, strong and healthy because when your body detects the virus, it could over-react and send so many white blood cells to fight it that it causes pneumonia and you drown in your own fluids.

Most people throughout the world, approximately 80%, will catch the mild one. The problem is that the mild one is a secret sleeper super-spreader with an incubation period from 14 to 24 days. This means it invades your body and goes to sleep so it won’t set off any alarms and you will NOT have any symptoms.

However, while it’s sleeping, you are highly contagious. So you could spread it to people who are more vulnerable like the ones mentioned above, elderly and sick people. So you could unknowingly be helping the virus kill people you come in contact with. Like friends, family, and loved ones.
Don’t wait until you catch it to prepare. There are not enough test kits to test everyone with symptoms. And by the time the symptoms appear it could be too late depending on which version you catch.

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1 OF THE 3 CORONAVIRUS BOMBSHELLS IN MY BOOK HAS JUST BEEN PROVEN TRUE: Scientists from China said they’ve identified two strains of COVID-19. Look at pages 44 & 204: The Dangers Of The Duality Of COVID19. I wrote this in my book 2 weeks ago. On Mar. 4, it was reported by ABC News.

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The Coronavirus COVID19 will NOT recognize any borders, any political parties, social-economic classes, ethnicities, religions, or gender identities. No one is immune to its wrath. We can not delay our collective preparation for this battle. We are only as strong as the weakest of us. This battle must be a collective effort.

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