President* Pumpkinhead’s Pardon Pity Party

Just in time for Trump campaign advisor Roger “Nixon Tramp Stamp” Stone’s sentencing, our Orange Julius Caesar threw himself a dandy pardon and/or commutation party, excusing truckloads of fellow white collar criminals who made the mistake of getting caught and convicted, including former Illinois (Democratic) Governor Rod Blagojevich, the scumbag caught trying to auction off Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat to the sleaziest bidder and never for a second expressed a second of remorse.

Wow. Such a surprise. Is everybody stunned, or what?

Today, as expected, the federal judge passed a relatively modest sentence of 44 months against Stone (he had originally been recommended for seven to nine years, not 3-1/3), and natch, dangling in the breeze is Mango Mussolini’s “ultimate power” to commute the sentence or pardon the creep outright.

Aw. Yes. But before your blood pressure explodes, remember this: Accepting a presidential pardon (or commutation) means you also accept guilt for your wrong-doing. And that pardon ONLY applies to FEDERAL violations; if someone is nailed on violating STATE laws, he/she had better hope they can find a forgiving governor.

It’s a well-established power of a chief executive to practice forgiveness and grant pardons, even to the seemed seamiest of criminals. But our Fearless Tweeter’s choice of recipients is direly ominous. We’re well on our way to oligarchy. Think I exaggerate? Go get some investment advice from Mike Milken, the Wall Street weasel who tried to make himself seem saintly by investing hard in cancer research after getting tagged for insider and short selling. Another big surprise: Milken was among the white collar scum our Tangerine Toddler Tyrant excused.

I beg your pardon? No. LOCK THEM UP.

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