The American Bar Association Needs To Get Busy

“Department of Justice” and “Attorney General” have become oxymorons in Emperor Drumpf’s AmeriKKKa. From day one of Wilhelm Barr’s re-installment as our country’s top law man, he made it clear he is NOT our lawyer, but King Donald I’s personal fixer. Barr has decreed that all possible investigations into presidential candidate have to personally cleared by him, yet eagerly seeks to create a data “pipeline” with our Orange Ogre Oligarch’s favoritest ambulance chasing Roy Cohn clone Rudy Giuliani and his Russian sponsored disinformation.

ANY lawyer willing to work for Mango Mussolini is automatically suspect and should keep their eyes open for potential disbarment from the American Bar Association. Barr himself has a smoky reputation of cleansing the Iran-Contra scandal; he’s transgressed his oath of office redundantly and needs to be reduced to a paralegal cooling his heels in John Mitchell’s Club Fed jail cell…

Oh, and don’t expect much fuss from me regarding the Nuh Hampshuh primary. I have folks on Facebook screeching “brokered convention” and stuff because Senator Bernie Sanders has narrowly won the first two contests and has a flimsy lead in the delegate count. Mother of sweet God, peeps. There’s plenty more contests and delegates to go before the Dems confab in Milwaukee. I’m not going to obsess over the campaign horserace! Vote your heart in your primary or caucus, than vote like your life depends upon it on WHOEVER ends up our nominee in the fall general election. VOTE BLUE, NO MATTER WHO, and not just for president but also on down the ballot.

Because our lives DO depend on it. If you don’t think so, wait until Wilhelm Barr officiates over his Tangerine Toddler Tyrant’s enemies list. Let me assure you, that’s in the works RIGHT NOW.


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