Tomthunkit’s Theory Of The Universe

Curious about the Coronavirus? Where it came from & why? Or Autism, Alzheimer’s, Addictions, Antichrist, Bitcoin, Creationism, Evolution, Libido, Mass Human Extinction, Murder, Political Cowardice, Suicide, Why Cops Kill? Many Answers Are In My Book.

My book contains an URGENT message about your future and the future of our planet. Everyone SHOULD read this who cares about how much time we have left. The answer may surprise you. This may be the most important book you ever read.

Why You Should Read My FREE Book In 15 WORDS: Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Anthropology, Theology, Climate Crisis, Global Warming, Dying Planet, Final Warning.

This book is an alarm. The loudest one I could find. I was chosen to write this book to alert the world of our imminent danger. I wrote this book in 4 days. During that time I learned things I never knew or even thought about in my entire life.

The knowledge I acquired from my Cosmic sources shocked me. But the information contained herein is what they wanted me to relate. I’ve done my best to present the information in a comprehensive yet digestible form. Even though many of you will find this very hard to swallow.

We are at the intersection of critical mass and times up. Because of our actions, the time we have is left is vanishing fast due to the climate crisis we’ve created. We have brought impending doom upon us; unless we unite to take drastic measures, and make an immediate course correction. We have run out of highway because our Creators have run out of patience.

This book is not about me. I cannot solve the problems listed in this book. I did what I was told. It’s up to you and your world leaders to do the rest. Time is of the essence because we have been scheduled for replacement, which is planned and ready; but we have been given one more chance for survival. What we do with it, is up to each and every individual.

Read this book. This book lays out a compelling case for immediate action. It debunks both theories of our origin; Creationism and Evolution. It proves with clear, convincing, and irrefutable evidence that we were created by Superior Beings. Our Creators are not happy. We will not be allowed to destroy this planet (our only home and theirs) and their other creations before they replace us.

This book contains an URGENT message about your future and the future of our planet. Everyone SHOULD read this. It may be the most important book you ever read. Share it.

One World Left. One Race – Human. One mission: SAVE THE PLANET.

If you care about the people you love and your survival, read this book; then make an informed decision. Or dismiss it at your peril. This is not a joke, fiction, fantasy, or written to scare you.

This is your FINAL WARNING.

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