Who is that masked f*cking moron?

I was going to give my ArtPens a rest on a blistering hot Sunday, but then our esteemed #CovidiotInChief had to go visit the ailing veterans over in Walter Reed yesterday, and now, after roughly 135K Americans have been bitterly defeated by his supposed Chinese Hoax #InvisibleEnemy, NOW, #BunkerBitch finally gets the memo on wearing face guards (somewhat) and actually bothers to wear one (sorta) while waddling through the Army hospital.

Sh*t, actually… Drawing a cartoon seems redundant. The real pictures (NOT memes!) tell a story in itself. Wearing a mask correctly, we can not see his hideous piehole, but his beady, wincing eyes tell us all we need to know about our #DearTweeter… He knows he’s doomed to a single term presidency, if he manages to live that long (wanna bet he isn’t already infected?). In every poll, in nearly every state (especially swing states), Joe Biden is eating his lunch and dinner and friggin’ Happy Meals. #RampRunt lost his reelection* bid back in MAY, and it becomes more obvious with each passing day.

Oh, and why the sudden trip to nearby Walter Reed, besides the possibility he’s there for (ahem) personal needs? #OrangeThanos had to bail out of a New Hampshire rally he had set for this weekend, citing potential low turnout (translation: NOBODY wanted to get stuck in another “super spreader” event!). So, mask up, and save some face, right? RIGHT? RICHTIG?

As our esteemed #FuckingMoron (that’s quoting his former state secretary, remember) was wobbling around the various wards of Walter Reed, one can imagine the thoughts racing through the minds of the troops and vets who were ailing but not intubated… “Who the f*ck invited that damn #CadetBoneSpurs here?”

Too little, too late, and not an ounce of sincerity in his actions. #VeryStableGenius damn near wrote the negative campaign ad for The Lincoln Project.

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