Why is this man smiling?

Once upon a time, before #TraitorTrump was declared president*, Esquire magazine would publish a “Dubious Achievements Award” edition every January, chronicling the latest in stupid or dangerous or both, and with every edition they’d post an old picture of Tricky Dick Nixon smiling (it’s enough to make a cat vomit) and ask the age old question, “Why is this man smiling?”

Well… Guess who has a tramp stamp of that exact image tattooed on his back, and WON’T be flashing it to any inmates in a federal prison shower any time soon… Yup. Good ol’ ROGER STONE, an acolyte of Tricky Dick Nixon, and a long time enforcer for #BunkerBitch. Poor liddle’ Roger got his whiny white boy ass duly convicted on all sorts of charges just south of treason, and go fig, #RampRunt, fearing his old buddy might sing behind bars, falls just short of PARDONING him before he has to serve his 40 months by commuting his sentence.

Justice? In these supposedly United States? Maybe in another timeline where Hillary Clinton was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017, on a parallel Earth perhaps. NOT HERE. Here, it’s become abundantly clear it’s just JUST US. If you’re a frie-, er, no, crony of #OrangeThanos, hey, fuhgedabowdit, you’re covered! Go shoot some loser on Fifth Avenue, you won’t get worse than slap on the wrist. But so much as jaywalk as one of us “leftist extremist” Antifa, and those prison doors will slam behind you so fast your head will spin.

It’s a small consolation that the US Supremes ruled 7-2 (including Trump appointees!) that #DearTweeter can NOT withhold his tax records from New York state prosecutors, and that #TraitorTrump could find himself joining Al Capone finally getting slammer time for… TAX EVASION. It’s only a decent start that eventually all the puss-covered filth in #VeryStableGenius’ Potemkin village finances will become public knowledge… He still has the nuclear codes until Jan. 20, 2021.

So, Roger Stone, while still a felony convict, walks free, never seeing a day of the 40 months in Leavenworth or such. Don’t smirk too broadly, tough guy. I’d avoid fifth story windows and watch who pours your coffee. Or maybe you like the flavor of polonium in the morning, comrade?

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