United We Dream.


To all the DREAMERS in America, this is your country even though you weren’t born here. Promises were made, but those promises were NOT kept. Help us, help you get what you were promised. Then we can help with your dreams. Your dreams are our dreams. Unite with us to make America what she was designed to be; a conglomeration of ‘huddled masses.’

You can’t vote, but you can help our Democracy regain its focus, and return to it’s intended course. You can volunteer, recruit VIP pledges, fundraise, donate, educate, promote, advocate, register new voters, and televise our people-powered movement to take back our Democracy from the corporations.

We the People United have the power to defeat Citizens United (the Supreme court ruling which said corporations are ‘citizens’ and have the right to free speech — this means they can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections.)

We are tired of our elections being controlled by the rich, the powerful, the disaffected, who are disconnected from the needs of our society. The greedy keep getting greedier, while the needy get needier. The income inequality is unsustainable. We have billionaires who are trying to become trillionaires. Time for some action.

Join us today. Let’s take back the power of the people, by the people and for the people.