Become A VIP

Here at VIPPUSA (vip-pu-sa) we create voting teams or voting partnerships. We connect inactive or non-voters who become VIPs with active voters who become protected voters.

Voting is like working out. You may register to vote or sign up at a gym. You may plan to vote or create a workout schedule. But then life gets in the way. Somehow you just don’t make it there. However, if you have a partner or a teammate, they become your motivation, your inspiration, or sometimes your aggravation. Nevertheless, they get you out there to the gym.

So, sign up and take a pledge to become a VIP. You and your partner or teammate will keep in touch periodically leading up to the next election. And together, you and your teammate will make big things happen and be a catalyst for change. Remember, people united can beat citizens united.


    I, do pledge to provide a viable form of communication to my teammate and update when necessary.
    I also pledge to connect periodically with my teammate up until the election.
    Furthermore, after I vote, I pledge to share my success with my teammate.
    Fill out the rest of the information needed to stay in contact with you.

    Date of Birth (optional)

    Any further comments or info for your team?

    I have a teammate.I need a teammate.I am a team leader.I want to be a team leader.