We Will Lose Again, If We Use The Same Playbook

Registering, voting, donating, volunteering, and fundraising is not enough to win the next election. That’s the old playbook. Throw it away. It won’t work this time. It didn’t work last time. This time we are up against a proven cheat who’s a person who will do anything to win to decrease his chances of going to prison once he leaves office.

In the new playbook, the new plan is to overwhelm the system with new voters. They can’t be polled. They can’t be bought. And they can’t be intimidated. The largest group of eligible voters are non-voters and inactive voters. They beat each Republican, Democrat, and Independent groups by far. This is a numbers game. There will be many close elections but more importantly, we cannot afford to lose there is too much at stake. We will not cheat, but we will win if we change our playbook.

By using the Voter Insurance Policy Program each active voter will take out an insurance policy that their vote will be counted and will make a difference. They will do this by establishing a team of voters maybe one, maybe more, with an extra voter(s) who had no intention of voting in this upcoming election. Everyone knows at least one person in this group. This One Plus One strategy will increase the voting pool so dramatically that it will be beyond the reach of cheaters and other nefarious actors.

We the People United™ have the power to win in 2020. Join us today. Volunteer or Donate.