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Pop Music features your favorite pop songs mixed masterfully by your favorite DJ, Turntable Ty with his Beautiful Blends. These Top 40 and Radio Hits you know and love will keep you dancing, toe-tapping, or singing for hours.


About a month ago, South Africa alerted the world to Omicron. Instead of being praised and rewarded for their due diligence and global empathy, they were ostracized and isolated. Many world leaders scrambled in a panic to close borders and concurrently dismissed the variant as “more contagious but less dangerous” than Delta in an attempt to ….  Read More

No Longer

No Longer He’s no longer what he used to be.They no longer see the elders they used to see.It’s no longer not only stronger,but it’s hunting them who was wrong, and those even wronger. It’s no longer content with letting kids slide,There’s no longer a guarantee that when you call an ambulance you’ll get a ….  Read More

Don’t Cry For Cuba

These politicians with their phony outrage about the protestors make me sick. The US has had an embargo (naval blockade) around Cuba ever since Fidel Castro took over the country in 1959. We are predominately to blame for the chaos and the shortages. When Cuba was being used as a playground for rich, white men ….  Read More

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Check out our new website: I need a small favor. It will only take 1 minute of your time but it would help me tremendously. I need to reach 1000 subscribers before I can be eligible to get paid for my music. Just click on the picture to the left. Thanks y’all. Volume 27: ….  Read More


“UNARMED” doesn’t apply if you’re BLACK. Because many WHITE PEOPLE see my skin as a WEAPON. They’re afraid of my BLACKNESS, so they shoot first then come up with some WACKNESS. But excuses don’t excuse, the type of force they use. They’d rather lie, than try, to understand, what it’s like to live in this ….  Read More


170 Capitol police officers were injured. 1 beaten to death w/ a fire extinguisher (which would’ve required multiple blows to a defenseless victim). Multiple cops sustained brain injuries, 1 lost an eye, 1 has lost 3 fingers, fractured ribs, spinal disk damage are among other injuries. Two officers committed suicide after being in the battle ….  Read More


This is an erotic fantasy, in a poetic form. This is not fact, but fiction and out of my usual norm. Don’t get offended,  just skip it if you need to.  Cause it’s not intended to offend,  but it’s here just to please you. It’s to change the mental mood in this COVID solitude. We ….  Read More