170 Capitol police officers were injured. 1 beaten to death w/ a fire extinguisher (which would’ve required multiple blows to a defenseless victim). Multiple cops sustained brain injuries, 1 lost an eye, 1 has lost 3 fingers, fractured ribs, spinal disk damage are among other injuries.

Two officers committed suicide after being in the battle for our democracy. Possibly because they were attacked by other members of law enforcement as well as current & former military personnel. (20% of those arrested to date have a military or LE experience)

And, most if not all, of the HEROES who saved our Democracy from a seditious coup attempt, will experience lifelong PTSD which may lead to drug or alcohol abuse, mental illnesses, and possibly more suicides.

The Publix heiress who funded most of the $500,000 to stage the UNDEMOCRATIC riotous coup attempt to overturn the election MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TOO for her role. Why does it cost a half $1 million to have a peaceful rally or protest?

Did that money help buy wood for the gallows to hang Mike Pence,? Did it buy the mace, tasers, stun-guns, climbing equipment, sledgehammers, armor-piercing rounds, high-velocity vests, communications gear, military helmets, batons, pipes, bear spray, zip ties, pipe bombs, and other weapons?

The 1 million women march in DC in 2017 had 20 times more people, yet no deaths and it wasn’t funded by any large political donor. That is what democracy looks like.

I will do my part to hold Publix and their benefactors accountable. What will you do?

by Tomthunkit

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