We Believe In Democracy Over Plutocracy


At (Vip-pu-sa,) we are a 501(c)(4), non-profit which was founded to help tap into the largest voting block not involved in the political process. We are licensed by Secretary of State of Georgia to collect donations.

This is a numbers game. Except for the electoral college, the candidate who gets the most votes wins. With the country being so politically divided, many elections will be determined by a small number of votes (anywhere from single digits to a few thousand). So, every vote matters. Because the 2 major parties are nearly evenly split, most elections are decided by the independents. However, the number of inactive or non-voters greatly exceed each group of voters; Republicans, Democrats, or Independents who voted in 2016. 



Our Voter Insurance Policy Program (VIPP) is designed to help active voters connect with inactive or non-voters who make up the largest group of eligible voters. This group is larger than each group of Republicans, Democrats, or Independents who voted in 2016. By making this connection the active voter gets a commitment or pledge from the non-voter. The active voter then becomes a Protected Voter (PV) and the non-voter becomes the Voter Insurance Policy (VIP) for the PV.

Of America’s 320 million-odd residents, only about three-quarters are eligible to vote (mostly because they’re over the age of 18). Of the group that could vote in the presidential election, the U.S. Election Project’s Michael McDonald estimates that about 58.1 percent did — meaning that 41.9 percent of eligible Americans didn’t vote.

This ensures that the PV's vote will count by bringing a non-voter (VIP) into the political process. Presuming that your vote will be nullified by a vote from the opposite party; an extra vote will be a ONE PLUS ONE for your party. One plus one equals success in 2020.

11/3 Goals

We have determined eleven groups of non-voters to choose as targets. And there are three main goals:

  1. To ensure that your vote gets counted by assuming that your vote will be nullified by a vote from the opposite party. Therefore an extra vote will be a plus one for your party.
  2. To ensure against any election irregularities, last-minute election lawsuits losses, any election disruptions any October surprises, voter suppression. And voting role purchase.
  3. To also insure against any outside election interference, dark money of unknown origins, corporate “citizens” and their super PACs, extremely large media buy, billionaire mega-donors, and social media campaigns led by nefarious actors.

Targets List

  • Disgruntled & discouraged voters - who are fed up with politics & were not planning on voting this year because they believe their vote doesn’t matter.
  • New voters - voters who just never have voted before ever in their life for whatever reason.
  • 02YA voters - Are young adults, born in 2002 or earlier, who will be able this year for the first time.
  • Inactive voters - voters who used to vote but just haven’t voted for a while for whatever reason.
  • Newly eligible voters - these voters include former felons, immigrants who have gained their citizenship & people who have moved here from US territories & islands like, Puerto Rico.
  • Ex-pat voters & military - these are people who are American citizens living/working abroad in the military, foreign service, or law-enforcement serving around the world.
  • Religious voters - these are voters who don’t get involved in politics because of their religion or faith.
  • Disabled voters - these are voters that don’t usually go out of the house to vote but are eligible to vote they may be confined to her residence, institution or care facility.
  • Retired & elderly voters - these are voters who are senior citizens who may have never voted before because of paperwork or lack of necessary documentation.
  • Underground voters - voters with alternative, underground, or off-book occupations who don’t vote because their occupations may or may not be legal.