“UNARMED” doesn’t apply if you’re BLACK. Because many WHITE PEOPLE see my skin as a WEAPON. They’re afraid of my BLACKNESS, so they shoot first then come up with some WACKNESS.

But excuses don’t excuse, the type of force they use. They’d rather lie, than try, to understand, what it’s like to live in this land, as a BLACK MAN.

Since 2005, only six out of 2000 cops went to jail for murdering unarmed BLACK MEN. And even with all these videos that shows, what everybody knows, they still continue to do it again and again and again.

With “qualified immunity” all they have to do is say they were afraid. Then they can’t be held accountable, they can’t be sued, it’s like they got it made in the shade.

Not long after a BLACK man gets shot, even while his body is still hot, supporters start making excuses and whatnot. Victim blaming, lifestyle shaming, all the while maintaining…
A system of brutality and injustice, JUST FOR US.

Unhinged KILLER COPS go hunting regularly because they have a LICENSE TO KILL and no accountability. So, they KILL AT WILL, some for fun, or hate, or simply for the THRILL.

It’s time to investigate KILLER COPS’ background, social media, and affiliations. We have to shine some light, to END THIS PLIGHT. Because cops don’t just wake up one day and decide to KILL THAT NIGHT.


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