A Poem About Policing In America

As a former NYPD police officer and a black man,  I’ve dealt with police racism both on the job, and off the job, and these are my feelings about it.

To those who chose to wear a badge and dishonor their oath;

Y’all scared with immunity 

And killing us with impunity 

what y’all want to do to me 

It ain’t nothing new to me

Your faction, my reaction, 

ends in traction 

for an infraction?

Space. I need space. 

Not to find out 

how mace taste. 

Get off me.

In your mind, I’m a crime.

Ain’t got the time for all your lyin’ 

In my mind 

you’re a crime and,  

You’re the one, 

who should be doing time. 

My skin is not a sin 

But all you see is skin. 

No matter the scenario, 

you always act imperial.

You are not a soldier,

we are not at war

That US versus THEM mentality,

 is your universal flaw.

Serve and protect…

you’re duty-bound. 

NOT, choking us 

when we’re already on the ground. 

Once the cuffs are on 

your job is done, 

Any more force

…is for anger or fun.

You have a license to kill

and y’all use it at will, 

But your days of impunity 

will soon be down to nil. 

Get off me. 


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