Asymptomatic Mild Coronavirus Cases Give You A Co-morbidity

A new study shows that many who are asymptomatic with COVID-19 may have long-term lung damage just like those who get a severe case.

Arizona doctors are seeing a trend with COVID-19 that, at first, doesn’t seem to add up.

“You look at a chest X-ray and say, ‘My God, this guy should be dead!’ And you talk to them, and they say, ‘No I feel fine. I’m not that bad,’ and they’re relatively asymptomatic,” said emergency medicine Dr. Frank Lovecchio of Arizona.

Coronavirus can also lead to neurological complications, including delirium, brain inflammation, stroke, and nerve damage, a new University College London study published in the journal Brain finds.

While respiratory symptoms are commonly associated with coronavirus, for some patients in the study, neurological complications were the first and most significant indication that they had contracted the virus.

Of 43 confirmed or suspected Covid-19 patients at the University College London Hospital, researchers identified 10 with delirium, 12 with brain inflammation, eight with cases of stroke, and eight with nerve damage.

They include a woman who seemed to recover and was sent home. “She was disoriented and displayed ritualistic behavior such as putting her coat on and off repeatedly. She reported visual hallucinations, seeing lions and monkeys in her house,” the researchers wrote. One patient died of brain-destroying encephalitis.

Many patients who survive the ICU may have permanent disabilities with damage to their lungs, heart, vascular system, permanent neurological injuries, and cognitive deficits like dropping things or tripping over painted lines on the ground.

So young people, who are healthy and strong, and feel invincible, don’t play with coronavirus. The first time you catch it, even a mild asymptomatic version of it, can leave you with permanent lung damage.

It’s been reported that catching COVID does not give you immunity, therefore you can catch it again. Coronavirus doesn’t wear a watch, so it doesn’t limit the time between infections. The second time you catch the virus will almost certainly be deadly because of your new co-morbidity, your permanent lung damage from the first time you caught it.


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