Don’t Cry For Cuba

Havana, Cuba

These politicians with their phony outrage about the protestors make me sick. The US has had an embargo (naval blockade) around Cuba ever since Fidel Castro took over the country in 1959. We are predominately to blame for the chaos and the shortages. When Cuba was being used as a playground for rich, white men and politicians, Castro’s revolution ended that.

Drugs and prostitution were rampant. Castro commandeered all the hotels and casinos built by Americans for nefarious, illicit, and illegal activities. Then kicked them off the island.

The Hilton family and other hotel conglomerates lost their investments in their newly built hotels. And have wanted revenge and reparations ever since. These well-connected men have been dictating our policy towards Cuba.

That’s what started the embargo. That embargo lasted thru 9 presidents until President Obama. He lifted the sanctions and ban on travel to Cuba.

Then Tr**p put them back on. So, while the people are dying because of lack of food and medicine during a once in a 100 years pandemic, these political opportunists are ACTING as if they care about the Cuban people. Give me a frigging break.

The US has been trying to overthrow the Cuban Communist government for decades including numerous assignation attempts by our CIA. As we’ve learned in Iraq, if you break it, you own it.

If we destroy the government, who will run the country? With what type of government? How many years will it take to write a Constitution, elect leaders, a President, and set up a government? Who will feed the 11.3 million Cubans on the island during this arduous task?

So, stop the pretense! If we sincerely want to help our Cuban Brothers and Sisters. Then LIFT ALL SANCTIONS IMMEDIATELY. Send in emergency aid including food, medicine, vaccines, and fuel. Simultaneously, remove the ban on travel and shipping to Cuba so Cuban-Americans can help.

Miss me with the propaganda especially by the mainstream media on both sides. We are Americans, let’s act like it. Two of our closest neighbors are in need. Let’s do what we do, go in there, and genuinely HELP. The world is watching.


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