No Longer

No Longer

He’s no longer what he used to be.
They no longer see the elders they used to see.
It’s no longer not only stronger,
but it’s hunting them who was wrong, and those even wronger.

It’s no longer content with letting kids slide,
There’s no longer a guarantee that when you call an ambulance you’ll get a ride.
It’s no longer prudent to be a student, learning from other’s mistakes.
There’s no longer of movement of improvement,
But a yearning to “OWN” others they hate.

It’s no longer good enough to just believe the misinformation and disinformation.
It’s no longer hood enough to be deceived,
Ignoring risk information
and risking annihilation
in a denial nation
with Governors denying a mask-ation.

She’s no longer with us
There’s no longer disgust nor is it discussed.
He no longer has a Sister
And She no longer has a Mister.
They, no longer have Mom and Dad
It’s no longer sad, but humming glad.
ICU’s no longer have a bed, pleading with the Feds
I see youse no longer have a head heeding what you need from the MED’s.

I no longer know the truth,
because my proof, ain’t proof.
Human meds no longer work for 30% of us.
So they’re trying to become a cow or horse,
just to get the best of us.
It’s no longer sufficient to jeopardize their neighbor’s lives with the prize of their demise.
It’s no longer efficient to theorize that they will realize the true size of them lies.

They no longer have a belief in science
Until the time comes to pay for their defiance.
Then all the crying no longer seems unwarranted or foreign.
Because all the lying really came from those who fear dying,
Not a D. – R or an R. – N.


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