How To Fix The Police In America

Institute a mandatory duty to report. If officers see something they must say something. If they fail to report police misconduct by fellow officers or supervisors then whether or not those officers or supervisors are prosecuted or disciplined for their misconduct, the officer who refuses to report the incident should be fired.

Any officer who has a proven affinity or association with any right-wing or left-wing extremist group, any white supremacist group, or any anti-women group like INCEL (involuntary celibacy), those officers should be offered a severance package and removed from the Police Department.

If 99% of police officers are good, then police departments must immediately remove the bad one percent. They should be offered severance packages, retirement, or summarily dismissed based on their professional conduct and work history.

Congress should immediately pass a nationwide police bodycam freedom of information act. Any officer who is credibly accused of misconduct or involved in a use of force where a civilian is injured, their bodycam footage should be accessible to the media and the public without delay.

The blue wall must be broken down. Any officer who lies, obstructs an investigation, or fails to candidly tell the complete truth about any misconduct by fellow officers or superiors should not only be terminated without a pension but also charged and prosecuted for perjury or obstruction punishable by five years in jail.

The Justice Department should set up a Patterns and Practices civil rights division to investigate corrupt police departments and take them over if necessary.

Police departments should be prohibited from aggressive and selective enforcement policies and procedures to fund municipal budgets. No more quotas by police officers forcing them to pull over minority citizens and give them tickets which often result in fines, court costs, missing days from work, arrest warrants, jail time, or probation fees, just to make money for their local and municipal governments.

Police MUST stop aggressive policing practices that target minority communities including disproportionate and selective enforcement of minor offensives like social distancing, wearing pants too low, jaywalking, or minor marijuana offenses.

All the police departments should hire independent academic consultants to reevaluate and re-design hiring policies, cultural sensitivity training, use of force procedures, and civilian engagement practices. There should also be more diversity in the hiring process especially including HR personnel and background investigators.

Civilian complaint review boards and police oversight committees should not contain people who have current or former connections with police or law-enforcement personnel or agencies.

Congress should pass a law that mandates that police personnel disciplinary records be made available to the media and the public. We need full transparency of which cops are given a license to kill the citizens that they are supposed to protect.

No-knock warrants must be approved by police chiefs of departments. And they must be supervised by onsite superior officers.

Police Department must set up and make available confidential mental health counseling, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, financial counseling, domestic violence, and marital counseling without stigma or penalty which may jeopardize future promotions or advancement. Police personnel are human and they have the same problems as the general public.

Congress should pass a law that eliminates the “in fear of my life” excuse that cops use to get away with murder. Judges must be legally prohibited from being able to instruct juries before deliberations that say if a reasonable person would have been in fear of their life, then the use of deadly force is justified and the officer must be found not guilty. This is the reason why most cops are not found guilty of murdering civilians even when there’s substantial video evidence.

Any prosecutor, district attorney, or attorney general who refuses to investigate, indict, or charge a police officer or a law-enforcement person, just to maintain a happy working relationship with their local police department must be removed from their job, disciplined, and possibly prosecuted.

Also, Congress should pass a law that requires the use of force standard to be elevated from reasonable use of force to the necessary use of force.

The power of police unions must be curtailed. Police officers who engage in misconduct, misdeeds, unnecessary or aggressive uses of force, especially those which result in bodily harm or death to civilians, should not be allowed to remain in the Police Department, receive a pension, or be exempt from being sued personally by the families of the victims. City and municipal governments can’t continue to pay out multi-million dollar settlement for rouge cops while they are allowed to collect a pension and remain on the job.

Congress should pass a law that makes it a crime to falsely report or call 911 to weaponize the police department against persons of color. Any person who calls the cops just because a person is black, upon investigation the responding officers must arrest the person making the erroneous call without any police discretion.

The quicker these policies and changes are made, the cheaper and less painful it will be for the country. The collective pain and cost of recovery will not be easily abated by words alone. Comprehensive and universal changes and laws must be passed and quickly implemented to prevent another Floyd flu pandemic.

It would be much cheaper and a whole lot smarter to implement these changes rather than suffer another nationwide catastrophic destruction and protest the next time an unarmed black person is killed by the police.

Be smart. Be quick. Be courageous. And be the change agent to help prevent the next Floyd flu pandemic.


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