God Won’t Save Us

You want Fireworks. Here’s some fire. Let’s see how it works.

God won’t save us from this novel Coronavirus pandemic. He has already given us the gifts and the tools we need to succeed.

He gave us science. The ability to ascertain facts through experiments and observation. To be able to answer questions by investigation and through a process of deduction formulate conclusions based on facts, not opinions.

God gave us medicine, the science of the diagnosis, treatment,  and prevention of disease. He gave us the gift of healing.

Moreover,  he gave us math. Everyone knows the difference between addition and multiplication. Coronavirus does not spread by adding on a few more cases each day or each week. The virus spreads exponentially. It has a doubling rate that is catastrophic.

If you are seeing 500 cases a day of new infections, the following week it doesn’t go up to 550, 580, or 600. An unmitigated virus doubles the rate of infection every certain number of days.

So 500 cases this week may mean 1000 cases two weeks later. 10 days after that,  it will double again to 2000 cases a day. One week after that, it will be 4000 cases a day. Four or five days later,  it will be 8000 cases a day. No hospital system can withstand that onslaught.

Additionally, God gave us the gift of free will. Most of us have the freedom and the ability to choose our daily actions and interactions.

The coronavirus cannot live outside of a host for long. It needs a live human body to stay alive. If humans break that chain of transmission the virus will die. It’s that simple. You don’t need a college degree to figure this out.

In February,  the coronavirus caught us by surprise,  so we were not properly prepared for this new virus. Now we know better. There is no reason or excuse to explain why people are continuing to help spread this disease.

Chief Medical Officer, at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, Dr. Joseph Varon said, “We are fighting two wars. War number one is the COVID virus.  War number two is stupidity.”

A nurse at the same hospital said “A lot of people are going to die for being ignorant. And ignorance is never a defense.  So, they are going to die and be made an example for the rest of the country.”

Be smart people. Stay home people. Stay alive until next year people because many of you won’t be here next year. 


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