The 244-year democratic social experiment called America is at a critical juncture. AMERICA is broken. There are no checks and balances. Constitutional rights are fungible. The judiciary is becoming tribalized. The executive has become militarized. And the legislature has become polarized and paralyzed.

Police brutality has become a cancer in America that has metastasized. The malignancy is undeniable and clearly visible on the CAT scan by cell phones of the American police during the protests. So advanced, that the diagnosis may be inoperable. The prognosis may be terminal.

Can we extricate the racism, xenophobia, white supremacy, and discrimination from the system without collapsing it? To eradicate it you must attack it at the roots.

The entire judicial and law enforcement establishment is infected with the poison of racism, discrimination, and xenophobia. You can’t blame all the police brutality on just the police.

State, local, and municipal legislators, and their donors share copious amounts of blame for the police brutality in their communities. As well as powerful wealthy citizens, corporations, and other powerful organizations. They share the blame for creating, advocating, lobbying, writing, demanding, and effectuating a lot of the laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances that are racist, discriminatory, and xenophobic, yet they mandate the police departments to enforce.

There are 18,000 law-enforcement agencies in America with 18,000 ways of doing things. We need a national standard method of operations, procedures, and practices for criminal justice reform to be passed by Congress.

That won’t happen because Congress is polarized and paralyzed. Nor will the executive branch sign off on it at this time. So until we fix the broken, lopsided criminal justice system and remove the cancer of police brutality, the social unrest will continue.

Everyone is afraid right now. The police are afraid. Politicians are afraid. The People are afraid. They’re all afraid of the unknown. Which pandemic will hurt them worse, the coronavirus pandemic, or the Floyd flu pandemic against police brutality that has gripped America by the throat?

These two pandemics have collided in this time in history and placed a stranglehold on America. America can’t breathe. We need the smartest, creative, and most prolific minds we have in America to collaborate, coordinate, and orchestrate our survival plan.

America is broken and we need one helluva collaborative effort to fix her.



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