I Have A Friend That I Love…

Her name is DEMOCRACY.

Recently her boyfriend moved into her house. His name is Tyranny. He’s a bad dude. He says whatever he wants and does whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it. His lies fly like birds and multiply like rabbits. He is great at making people hate each other. But he’s popular and has a lot of friends. If you’re his friend you’re good, if not, you’re a target.

You could be his friend today and his enemy tomorrow. And nobody could stop him from coming after you. Even his friends are shocked at his behavior sometimes but they don’t know what to do. They fear his wrath and his rage.

Justice is afraid of him and he carelessly overpowers the law. Some kid named Congress went after him but that didn’t phase him. It just made him angry, vindictive and vengeful. Now, he’s really angry and he’s out for revenge.

He breaks the law with impunity, boastfully, and he even gives his friends immunity. This dude is so powerful that he uses the LAW as his step-stool.

Ever since he moved into her house he’s been abusing her. He doesn’t respect her. He degrades her often. He hides money from her. He blames her for his wrongdoings. He accuses her of spying on him and cheating on him. Yet, he is the one who got caught trying to cheat on her with some lady named Ukraine.

DEMOCRACY and Tyranny are in an abusive relationship. It’s not healthy and I don’t know how much more DEMOCRACY can tolerate. Things are not looking good. She’s very unhappy but afraid.

DEMOCRACY is deathly afraid of him. But she can’t run and she can’t hide so what should she do? Let’s help save her. Especially since some crazy, unpredictable lady name CORONA is coming to town who’s vicious and already a mass-murderer. Who knows if Tyranny can protect DEMOCRACY from her.

Is DEMOCRACY safe? I don’t know. But we have to do something to help her. Let’s help save DEMOCRACY.

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