America, What a beautiful baby. She matured fast. Had a baby – DEMOCRACY.

As Kings and their Kingdoms perished; Monarchies became Republics. Peoples’ Republics (Like China.)

As some danced with Dictatorships, DEMOCRACY arrived. People went crazy. Everybody loved her except Kings, Monarchies, Republics,
and Dictators.

She’s gracious.
She came bearing gifts. She gave the people; POWER.
She gave them power to choose who leads them.

After a fight with her Ex, she had a baby named CONSTITUTION
Then CONSTITUTION had triplets & she loved them equally.
Named them Congress, Judge & Chief. CONSTITUTION later had more kids called AMENDMENTS.

DEMOCRACY flourished. Many copied her. She became a world leader.
Critics became groupies. Haters became lovers. Enemies became evil. Soon she was the top cop with more money and power than any other in history.

DEMOCRACY did so much for so many. Her greatness is unmatched. She became a major influencer worldwide until that day. The day DEMOCRACY died.

Don’t let our DEMOCRACY die. Let’s unite.


DEMOCRACY Is Threatened By Tyranny

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