Waiting for the enemies list…

The Brothers Vindman, both good patriots trying to do their damnedest to advise the corrupt and ignorant Trump regime in its NSA, were summarily fired last week (along with EU Ambassador Gordie “Everybody was in the loop” Sondland) and escorted out of the White House as though either Army colonel was somehow a suspected spy… All because Lt. Col. Alex Vindman had the nerve to serve his duty as a good American by testifying stuff to the House that rightfully painted our Orange Julius Caesar in a bad light.

Any day now I fully expect our Mango Mussolini will go full Tricky Dick Nixon and start drafting an “enemies list” and begin punishing anyone on it for opposing King Donald I’s supreme rule. I’d be so stoked to somehow find myself listed there, even if it meant a free ride to a Trump reeducation center, wouldn’t you?

In my cartoon I wanted to borrow heavily from Lewis Carroll, portraying Trump as the Queen of Hearts and the Vindman Bros. as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. Except… Well, that’d be an insult to the original Alice books illustrator John Tenniel, the Red Queen, and the Bros. Vindman. I only insult folks who truly deserve it.

“Off with their heads!” indeed.