Op-Ed : Democrats Chances Of Winning In November Just Got A Whole Lot Slimmer

Due to recent events, it has become apparent that the chance of Democrats winning back the Whitehouse is very slim. Three events, in particular, bear this out. One is Trump’s acquittal by his own party for his attempt to cheat in the 2020 election. It was made abundantly clear by House Manager Adam Schiff, Trump will undoubtedly do it again. Trump has shown his affinity to win at any cost. His ability to stay in the Whitehouse is closely related to his ability to stay out of prison. There are numerous potential indictments awaiting his departure from the oval office. So, he will do any and everything to win. Afterward, in 2024, he plans for his daughter Ivanka to replace him to ensure his immunity.

The second is the debacle in the Iowa Caucus. During the upcoming presidential election, any doubt, confusion, chaos, or uncertainty will be grounds for Trump to deny the results, challenge them, or disregard them totally. Meanwhile, refusing to leave office. Therefore, any pro-Trump foreign actor doesn’t have to succeed in hacking into voter rolls, or influence campaigns. All they have to do is disrupt the system so that the results are in dispute. This would be the green light for Trump refuse to leave. Who would be the law enforcement agency to remove him?

Third, in AG Bill Barr’s recently issued memorandum: “Additional Requirements for the Opening of Certain Sensitive Investigations,” he decrees that ‘no investigation may be opened or initiated by the Department… of a declared candidate for president or vice president, a presidential campaign or senior presidential staff member or advisor’ without written approval from the AG Barr. This means the pro-Trump party has free reign to cheat in the next election. Bill Barr’s ‘unitary executive’ theory has turned into absolute criminal immunity to any and all who seek to re-elect Trump by nefarious means.

This country is nearly evenly divided for and against the President. If past is prologue we can expect the usual voter suppression, voter disenfranchisement tricks and voter fraud (like in NC9) the GOP has been guilty of in the past. This time we will have a vindictive, and vengeful person with a propensity to cheat and existential need to stay in office along with his foreign pals to compete with. We already know that he will do anything to get re-elected, the Dems will not.

If we use the same political playbook of the past elections, we will undoubtedly lose, again. And what’s at stake is a lot, to lose.

Consequently, what we have to lose is a lot. We have potentially 2 Supreme Court seats, Roe v. Wade, local and state elections, governorships, more gerrymandering, the house, the Senate, further climate inaction, crumbling infrastructure, more gun violence, social safety net: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare, our clean environment, the lives and treasure of our young people if we go into another war.