Millennials Don’t Get Duped

Millennials don’t volunteer to go to the front lines to fight in this war against our invisible enemy, COVID-19. Stay home. You all are like the carburetor of the engine of our economy. Your supply of cheap labor, spending habits, vulnerability to predatory lending practices like student loans and credit cards, makes you the regulator of growth in this economy.

The fact that you have been removed from the economy due to coronavirus means Wall street is crumbling. Investors are freaking out. They not only lost their cheap labor(which allows CEO’s to get Billion Dollar bonuses), but they lost their customers. Therefore, well-connected investors have lobbied Trump to convince him to send you back to work in the early days of a historic pandemic.

Don’t buy it. Don’t believe that they are thinking about you and your welfare. It’s the opposite. They view you as a disposable part of our population. Like all other wars, it’s the young at the frontlines who suffer the most casualties.

You will hear terms like “risk stratification’. That means you have a lower risk of death than the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions. So, the plan is to separate you from the vulnerable population away from your elders and sick relatives and send you back to work. They will offer all kinds of incentives. Don’t fall for it.

Let’s look at some math. In China, they had over 80,000 infected and about 3200 deaths reported. That is a death rate of 4%. In Italy, the death rate is 8%. We are on track to be more like Italy than like China. And we will probably overtake China in the number of infected by the end of March.

If I gave you 100 Skittles and told you that 4 of them were poisoned and would kill you slowly and painfully. How many would you eat?

COVID-19 is more contagious than seasonal flu. For two reasons, one, it is transmitted by invisible respiratory droplets that are expelled out of your mouth when you talk, laugh, cough, sneeze, sing, and with heavy breathing like a sigh. These droplets can remain airborne for up to 3 hours.

The other reason is, almost as soon as you become infected you immediately become a secret super-spreader. You are an assassin’s assistant, a serial killer’s accomplice. You will not have any symptoms for up to 24 days yet you will be highly contagious.

When you spread the virus to another person, it’s called viral shedding. That means the virus is using your cells to make babies called progeny. One COVID-19 cell can make one million babies. That progeny must go out and find it’s own cell to invade, and make babies. Sort of like being kicked out of the home when you finished high school.

A virus needs living cells to survive. Therefore they are on a constant search for new host cells to invade. That’s why you become so contagious and how this virus is spreading so fast. Each infected person is walking around with millions of COVID-19 cells trying to find a new home. If they don’t find a new home, they stay for as long as they can inside the original host. And either one of two things happened. Either, they kill you or you kill them.

This is why social distancing is so important. We must stop feeding the beast. Let’s say you and 4 friends caught the virus, but were tested and isolated before you could spread it or have any contact with any other persons. If you were quarantined for 14-24 days, four of you would have mild or no symptoms and fully recover. But one of you will have a vicious battle for your life.

Your body would cause a “cytokine” (pronounced sy-to-kind) storm. This is when your body detects a respiratory virus and sends so many white blood cells to your lungs to fight it that you start drowning in your own fluid (this is called pneumonia). So, your own immune system winds up killing you if doctors can’t stop the storm. You will be put on a respirator or if needed a ventilator.

A respirator gives you oxygen. A ventilator is like mechanical lungs. They do your breathing, inhaling, exhaling, and even coughing. If you can’t get a ventilator, you die. Doctors in Italy, have to decide who lives and who dies every day, because of a lack of ventilators.

While your body is fighting the virus in your lungs, your heart has to work harder and faster to pump the less-oxygenated blood to your other organs like kidneys, liver, and brain. This means that even if you survive and win the first battle, you can have permanent lung disease, heart disease, or kidney or liver problems. Your body and life will never be the same again.

The sick will be used as guinea pigs or lab rats for Big Pharma to test various therapeutic drugs and potential vaccines. So that Big Pharma can make billions of dollars selling a cure.

After that battle, the virus would be dead. It can’t live without a host. So 4 out of 5 people had mild symptoms but no further contact. The unlucky fifth person either died or was permanently scarred for life. But they didn’t pass on the virus. That’s how you kill a virus. That’s how COVID19’s coronavirus cousin, SARS was killed in 2003.

You have a life-defining choice to make. You can take the money and become an assistant serial killer who may wind up killing you as payment for your services. You may get lucky and not be one of the 3 out of a hundred who wind up needing a ventilator. Do you feel lucky? Do you want to gamble with your life? How many people would you have to kill to make you stop?

Money or your life? How much is your life worth? $15, $30, $50, $100 per hour? Make sure it’s worth it and that you get benefits to cover your life-long permanent illnesses you may develop. Think wisely. This is the most important decision of your life.

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