Op-Ed: Hate Is Not Enough

Many people believe that hating Donald Trump Is enough to lead to his defeat. They believe that the more they hate him, and the more people they can get to hate him, it will propel us to victory. Hate is not the answer.

Hate is like cancer. It metastasizes. It has infected us like a virus and it’s beginning to crossover into our internal Democratic politics. You have supporters of rival candidates openly attacking competing opponents and their supporters. This family in-fighting is not healthy, because the wounds and scars will not heal fast enough to help us win in November. See election 2016. Let’s not repeat that mistake.

Hate is like holding a massive grudge. It’s tantamount to you drinking poison hoping the other person gets sick. All of the rage, anger, and hate does more damage to you than them. And getting others to follow you only causes them to share your pain and anguish.

To all the billionaires who oppose Trump, stop attacking him. All of the money in the world could not produce an ad that would cause his supporters to abandon him. It has the opposite effect. It makes them more fervent, more rabid, and more determined to re-elect him. Because when you attack him, they take it as a personal attack against themselves.

Instead, run a campaign not against Donald Trump but for America. Run ads that advocate saving our DEMOCRACY from the grips of Tyranny. Promote voting not just as a right, but as a patriotic duty that all Americans should want to do, love to do, and do with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

If we use the same playbook as last time, against the same guy, who will do the same thing (cheat,) with the same Russian help, and with more power and money than any POTUS in history, then we WILL get the same results.
Here’s why: non-voters have elected every president by not participating in the electoral process. They are undefeated by their numbers. They have outnumbered each of the two parties in every election.

What we need to succeed in November is a shock to the system. We need to overwhelm the system with new non-voters. By injecting new blood into the veins of the electoral process we can positively affect the outcome of many states, local and federal elections. We can create a buffer against the politricks and surprises Donald Trump has in store for America.

So my fellow Democrats, let’s table the hate and let’s win with LOVE. Love for our country, love for our way of life, and love for a better future. Let’s save DEMOCRACY and remove Tyranny.

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