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Breonna Taylor’s Wrongful Death Was Wrong But Not Criminal

People are angry because the Kentucky AG did not indict the 3 police officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor. If he did indict them, all that would do is kick the can down the road to an inevitable negative conclusion. Because there’s almost no way they would’ve been found guilty of an intentional killing. ….  Read More

Young Online Gamers Are Being Recruited By Alt-Right And White Supremacists Groups

Do you have white teenage sons? Listen up. White supremacists are recruiting boys online. They are being bombarded with racist, sexist and homophobic memes packaged as innoxious, “edgy” humor which can indoctrinate children into the world of alt-right extremism and white supremacy. Over recent years, white-supremacist and alt-right groups have steadily emerged from the shadows ….  Read More


The prevalent use of corporal punishment among African-Americans is no secret. Some scholars have argued that beating children in the black community serves as some sort of traumatic reenactment of the brutal violence experienced during slavery. The absolute devastation of the black family during slavery shaped the very definition of freedom around the ability to ….  Read More

Voting Guide 2022: Issues That Matter to Seniors

This guide tackles some of the most important issues facing older Americans ahead of the 2020 election — including how to safely vote during a pandemic. We’ll explore what’s at stake for Medicare, Social Security, the future of prescription drug prices, and more. Voting Trends Medicare Prescription Drug Prices Ask an Expert: Tricia Neuman Future ….  Read More

Protect Our Franchise, Don’t Believe The Lies

Don’t believe the lies. The postmaster is NOT making critical changes less than 3 months before the election to save money. It’s not true. Trump says universal mail-in voting will be a “catastrophe.” It won’t but he’s doing everything in his power to make it so. According to all election experts and the electoral college, ….  Read More


I’m not starting it. I’m exposing it. The United States and China have been in an UNDECLARED WAR for decades. Some knew. But many didn’t. China has slowly and secretly infiltrated every American industry and institution. For decades, Chinese spies and collaborators, and hired mercenaries, many of whom are Americans, have stolen corporate secrets, defense, ….  Read More

Don’t Jeopardize Our Franchise

SuffrageSuffrage, political franchise, or simply the franchise is the right to vote in public, political elections. Black suffrage was granted to black men only after the Civil War, by the 15th Amendment. Women suffrage was granted by the 19th amendment in Aug. 1920, but excluded minority women. It wasn’t until the Voting Rights Act of ….  Read More

Wait Til You Hear This!

Time for some mental stimulation. 2020 is a plenty and it ain’t over yet. We have an election, census, and pandemic to navigate. Our podcasts can help you navigate the troubled waters ahead. We are here for you. Here to help you make it through the storm and come out better on the other side. ….  Read More

IRREVERSIBLE: Many Effects Of COVID19 Are Permanent

WAIT ‘TIL YOU HEAR THIS! …is a podcast about news, politics, and social issues that matter to you, your health, and your family. Thank you for listening. Please hit the subscribe button then rate us at the end of the show. Remember sharing is caring so, share this podcast with your friends and family. Tune ….  Read More


It’s not a hoax, soldiers died… Twenty US soldiers have died in Afghanistan in 2019 and four more were killed in 2020 before the attempted peace agreement in February with the Taliban. It has been reported by multiple media outlets and widely corroborated by numerous sources that Putin was paying cash bounties for dead American ….  Read More