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Millennials Don’t Get Duped

Millennials don’t volunteer to go to the front lines to fight in this war against our invisible enemy, COVID-19. Stay home. You all are like the carburetor of the engine of our economy. Your supply of cheap labor, spending habits, vulnerability to predatory lending practices like student loans and credit cards, makes you the regulator ….  Read More

The Coronavirus Tests Are In The Mail

Last week, VP Pence promised 1 million coronavirus test kits by the end of last week. Where are they? The death toll and the number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing. Is it because of the “ramp up” in available testing or are there more people getting infected by community spread? The government ….  Read More

Millennials May Help The Coronavirus Spread Faster

Coronavirus COVID19 is a real threat to everyone in America. Especially to those who have preexisting conditions like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, HIV, and cancer. If you are young and healthy, you may feel that there’s no need to worry. You’re wrong. COVID19 is a very sneaky new disease that our doctors, scientists, ….  Read More

Op-Ed: Hate Is Not Enough

Many people believe that hating Donald Trump Is enough to lead to his defeat. They believe that the more they hate him, and the more people they can get to hate him, it will propel us to victory. Hate is not the answer. Hate is like cancer. It metastasizes. It has infected us like a ….  Read More

When You’re Under Attack…

When your country is under attack you must fight back. When your way life is being threatened or your life itself, you must fight. Our leaders took an oath to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic. But what about the invisible? While our DEMOCRACY is being threatened by Tyranny, and our election process ….  Read More

I Have A Friend That I Love…

Her name is DEMOCRACY. Recently her boyfriend moved into her house. His name is Tyranny. He’s a bad dude. He says whatever he wants and does whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it. His lies fly like birds and multiply like rabbits. He is great at making people hate each other. But he’s ….  Read More


America, What a beautiful baby. She matured fast. Had a baby – DEMOCRACY. As Kings and their Kingdoms perished; Monarchies became Republics. Peoples’ Republics (Like China.) As some danced with Dictatorships, DEMOCRACY arrived. People went crazy. Everybody loved her except Kings, Monarchies, Republics,and Dictators. She’s gracious.She came bearing gifts. She gave the people; POWER. She ….  Read More

Waiting for the enemies list…

The Brothers Vindman, both good patriots trying to do their damnedest to advise the corrupt and ignorant Trump regime in its NSA, were summarily fired last week (along with EU Ambassador Gordie “Everybody was in the loop” Sondland) and escorted out of the White House as though either Army colonel was somehow a suspected spy… ….  Read More