The 4th of July Is Such A Lie

On July 4th, 1776, the Congress of the 13 United States ratified the Declaration of Independence. In it, they unanimously affirmed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of ….  Read More

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Wait ‘Til You Hear This! A podcast about news, politics, and social issues that matter to you, your health, your money, and your family. This is a weekly podcast. Each week we will do our best to inform you, educate you, enlighten you, and entertain you as we cover various topics that affect your everyday ….  Read More

Felony Murder Is The Right Answer For Rayshard Brooks Killing

As a former NYPD officer and a student of law and politics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I agree with the charges against former officer Garrett Rolfe who killed Rayshard Brooks. Officer Rolfe displayed malice aforethought and a depraved indifference for human life when he shot Rayshard Brooks in the back twice while ….  Read More


Dear America: When we served you as slaves, you abused us, starved us, sold us, and called us lazy. You treated us inappropriately. When we ran away, you came and captured us. Cutting off life and limb. You treated us inappropriately. When we were emancipated, you put on sheets and raided our homes, raped us, ….  Read More


WE DONE BROKE AMERICA The 244-year democratic social experiment called America is at a critical juncture. AMERICA is broken. There are no checks and balances. Constitutional rights are fungible. The judiciary is becoming tribalized. The executive has become militarized. And the legislature has become polarized and paralyzed. Police brutality has become a cancer in America ….  Read More

Listen To The Prophet Ice Cube

Listen To The Prophet Ice Cube He Released This 3 Years Ago. Even if you don’t like rap music, this message is profound and prophetic.

How To Fix The Police In America

Institute a mandatory duty to report. If officers see something they must say something. If they fail to report police misconduct by fellow officers or supervisors then whether or not those officers or supervisors are prosecuted or disciplined for their misconduct, the officer who refuses to report the incident should be fired. Any officer who ….  Read More

So, Mr. Puff-N-Stuff Is Trying To Act Tough

As the fiery protest erupted outside the White House on Friday, Donald Trump and his family were moved into a secure bunker. News reports of that action caused Trump to catch feelings. Unable to understand that the protests were not about politics or him, but police brutality, he inserted himself into the mix. So, Mr. ….  Read More

The Floyd Flu Is Overdue

As the Floyd Flu pandemic spreads across America, governmental officials are perplexed. Yet the message is clear. But the powers that be, are not listening. AMERICA NOW HAS A SECOND PANDEMIC. You can’t arrest the pain and anger that is spreading across America like a plague because of Mr. George Floyd’s untimely death. Your militarized ….  Read More

Arresting Protesters Could Lead To Death By COVID

With the self-narrated death of George Floyd, our collective cup hath runneth over. We’re done. America has completed its journey to Damascus. We can see clearly now. And we must be heard. Arrests made during a full-blown pandemic could be a death sentence.  The punishment should fit the crime. Since crimes against property are not ….  Read More