Trump Is Running A 3-Card Monte Con Game On America

Trump uses unfulfilled, hyperbolic promises, to cover up other unfulfilled, hyperbolic promises. He is continuously using lies, misinformation, disinformation, and outrageous Ad Hominem personal attacks to control the media, and win the news cycle for the day to keep the public dazed and confused.

For example, he promised that anyone who wants a test can get a test. However, when questioned about his failure to deliver on that promise, he shifted the focus and the blame to the governors. It is always someone else’s fault, or there’s always a more important scandal to cover.

Or, he’ll say, hey media cover my outrageous, outlandish lie I just told as part of your news coverage. Spend time debunking it. That will give you less time to expose my other failures.

Or, when questioning Trump about a harmful new policy, mostly to his non-supporters, he’ll announce another new policy which is even more harmful as a distraction and cover-up.

Now, he says he supports wearing masks. A couple of days ago he said that he didn’t believe that masks would help bring down the coronavirus numbers. Furthermore, “masks caused problems too.” Therefore, he’s for wearing masks, and against wearing masks. Both can’t be true.

With the ventilators first, he said, he signed the Defense Production Act to compel US companies to make them. Days later, he says he signed it. But, he’s not enforcing it because he only signed it as a threat, and to be used as leverage. Meanwhile, governors were begging for ventilators.

Trump claimed he had more than enough ventilators needed. And that the governors were only asking for ventilators to make him look bad. When he was asked for an accurate number of ventilators available in our national stockpile, he refused to release those numbers. Then he sent Jared Kushner out to say that the stockpile belongs to the federal government, not to the people of the United States.

Trump then claimed that it was up to the governors to find their own ventilators and PPE on the open market. Simultaneously though, he had FEMA and Jared Kushner buying up all the PPE and ventilators available on the open market throughout the world. And something even more sinister, when the governors did arrange private purchases of PPE and other medical equipment, it was confiscated by FBI agents upon arrival at the US airports.

So on one hand, he was saying it’s the governor‘s responsibility to provide their own PPE and medical equipment needs for their state. And on the other hand, Trump was actively outbidding the states, confiscating their purchases, and still publicly blaming them, and shaming them for their failures.

Magically, when the need for ventilators subsided, because the hard-hit northeastern states locked down, and flatten the curve, Trump announced he had over 10,000 ventilators ready and able to be deployed. He added that he had signed a PDA with GE and Ford to make 100,000 ventilators to be delivered by the end of June. Now that no one needs the ventilators yet, as badly as before, Trump has declared himself the Ventilator King.

Three-card Monte is a card game used to swindle people out of their money or take their money outright. It consists of a dealer and a small group of cohorts who work together as a team to find a Mark, set them up, and take their money.

The game is usually played on the street, illegally, and used to be very prevalent in major cities around the country years ago. The dealer uses three cards, creased vertically, to create a small tent. Two of the cards will be of the same rank and color. The money card will usually be of a different color and different rank.

The object of the game is to pick the money card and double your bet. The three cards are placed face down on a surface. The dealer lifts each card to show the Mark their position. Then he begins to shuffle the cards, alternating one over the other slowly, so that the Mark can keep up with the location of the money card.

The cohorts place phony bets with dealer’s money, to show the Mark how easy it is to win. When the Mark feels comfortable and places a bet the dealer will let them win, to rope them in. It’s called setting the hook. Once the hook is set, there is no way that the Mark can or will win.

The Three-card Monte con game is unbeatable. The Mark never wins because they are never successful at receiving the promised reward for picking the right card. The reward, ie the money card, is an illusion that becomes highly elusive when big money is on the line.

In America, we are the Marks. Trump uses the media and his cohorts in different agencies, to confuse the public, distract the public, and CON the public out of the promised reward of success in fighting the Coronavirus among other notable failures like building a Mexican- funded wall.

The definition of a “con” is to gain someone’s confidence for a sinister purpose. Trump wants you to believe in him. And to have confidence, that he will be able to manage the coronavirus by saving millions of hypothetical deaths, all while ignoring the actual numbers, fix the economy, reopen schools, develop a vaccine by year’s end, and keep our Democratic cities safe from anarchists and criminal protesters so that he will be re-elected.

Trump recently said that he and his team ARE developing a strategic plan to fight the coronavirus. “It’s going to be very, very powerful,” he said. This shocking announcement comes 6 months after the coronavirus first appeared in America.

This supports my conclusion that Trump never had a plan. And for the last 6 months, he’s been running a con game on America to make you believe that he can succeed, and deliver on his promises. But remember the game is unbeatable and we can’t win it.

Not only is Trump using the presidency to con American taxpayers out of their money for his personal profits, but he is conning them out of their lives as well. Too many Americans have died preventable and unnecessary deaths after having fallen prey to Trump’s 3-Card Monte con game.


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